WACS: Winter Advanced Computing Seminars

WACS is a free set of seminars targeted to graduate students in Advanced Digital Media and in Computer Science. The main goal of this event is to expose expert researchers from Austin to graduate students, addressing issues that are relevant for every software developer in current days: parallelism in heterogeneous environments, with both multi-core CPUs and many-core GPUs.

The WACS will take place in
Braga, University of Minho
10th to 12th January 2011


Registration is free but mandatory, to plan ahead the required number of seats in the auditorium. All registrations made before 7th January will receive a confirmation email and will have a guaranteed seat. To register, please go here.
Any further questions, please contact the organizers at wacs2011 <at> di <dot> uminho <dot> pt


The session on Monday has been moved to the Auditorium of the School of Engineering. The session on Tuesday will still be at the Anf. A2 in the Dep. Informatics building (on the floor below the street level). The sessions on Wednesday will be at the Auditorium of the School of Sciences (close to the Dep. Informatics). More details on these locations here.

Invited lecturers:


(open to a wide audience;photos)
14h00-17h00An overview of parallel applications and algorithms (slides)
Keshav Pingali
(targeted to specialists;photos)
16h30-18h00Irregular Applications on GPU (slides)
Martin Burtscher
(open to any CS graduate student interested;photos)
10h00-13h00State of the Art in Parallel Languages (including PGAS)(slides)
Calvin Lin
14h00-15h30hGPU programming, as a co-processor device (slides)
Martin Burtscher
15h30-17h00Towards a science of parallel programming (slides)
Keshav Pingali


Alberto Proença & Keshav Pingali

last update: 14th January 2011
WACS: Winter Advanced Computing Seminars 2011
Universidade do Minho - Braga, Portugal